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     Dare To Live IT! 
By Faith

"As a Teacher to The Body of Christ, my God-given purpose is to facilitate your journey to success by supporting the fulfillment of God's purpose for your life and seeing your vision made manifest."

Write the vision and make it plain that he who reads it can run with it. Habakkuk 2:2-3


We will reconnect your Passion to your Purpose, Define & Activate your Vision, and take steps forward with the mindset required to Execute with Intention, at your Highest Potential. Unlock your anointing to thrive in Ministry & today's Marketplace.

I look forward to supporting your steps toward discovering and fulfilling your life purpose as you experience the manifestation of the Vision our heavenly Father has given you.  

Called as a Minister & Teacher to the 5 fold ministry of the Body of Christ, referenced in Ephesians 4:11-13, along with my expertise and experience as a Certified Life Coach, Career Strategist, and Keynote Speaker,  I will guide you through the proven tools and resources that empower, inspire, and accelerate your ability to manifest your Vision of success with clarity and fortitude, as you fulfill the God-given Purpose for your life.





A moment to share a bit of my life experience with you, it has been my greatest teacher.

For more than 15 years I’ve been an advocate for mental health. It has been one of many experiences that have helped to propel me into advocacy, coaching, and filmmaking.

It all began with my sister's diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Accompanying her on an unexpected journey resulted in a process that brought me closer to my purpose through a study of human behavior and the realization of our profound ability to survive, create, and thrive.

As a lifelong learner based on the immutable and universal truths of the Bible while also embracing the evolution that life demands of us all, these revolutionary life tools have catalyzed my understanding of the human soul. ie. the will, mind, and emotional life that informs our perception and interpretation of life and, the roles our spirit & soul play in our ability to reach our highest desires and goals. 

Experience: As a trained method actor I learned techniques that aided me in facing my fears and healing from childhood trauma and the behavior that ensued. Acting furthered my understanding of how to unlock the "why", behind human behavior. Acting also provides me with invaluable tools that facilitate personal growth & professional development.


Creative Business Strategies: Having learned to think outside the proverbial box, allowed me to establish two successful international careers that I am grateful to have enjoyed as a professional model & cover girl, with top agencies in LA & NYC, and later as a working film & television actor in both Los Angeles, NYC as well as an extraordinary role as one of the 12 disciples of Jesus', filmed in Rome, Italy. 

​Personal & Professional: My lived experiences have incentivized every career choice I've made, creating a convergence of acting & filmmaking, mental health advocacy, keynote speaking,  Life & Business coaching, and as a Teacher to the Body of Christ. It has all come together to benefit creatives & entrepreneurs, ministers & members. My personal and professional life has converged into a purpose-driven perspective that activates and ignites my ability to serve our Father through Jesus Christ while empowering The Body of Christ to fulfill their Purpose and Manifest their Vision. 


I am amazed at how God's loving grace transforms every area of our lives and unwittingly nurtures our ability to empower others as we discover our Purpose and fulfill the mandate of our Vision. 

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​We are praying for your success!

Your Purpose Coach - Gay Thomas Wilson

IMDB Gay Thomas​ Wilson

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