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"Where do you go to get help when you need it?...Jesus said "And I will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that He may abide with you forever. ...for he dewells in you and with you"...I will not leave you comfortless! The Holy Spirit is our Helper, our Teacher, our Comforter, and our Leader into paths of righteousness. Learn how to depend on His guidance and experience your life's acceleration toward success in every area." John 14:16


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Celebrating Black History Month: "Looking back at your personal life journey can bring understanding to our journey as a country. As an African-American, looking back at our history can be a revelation of our pain  and a celebration of our strength and our contribution to this, our country."

"As we look back together brothers & sisters, it's imperative that we experience the truth of our history so that we are clear about the lessons learned and the reality of the changes that must be made today, in order to heal ourselves, both black & white. Our generations are depending on us, BLM"


Black History Month
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"Live out the life that God has preordained for you, the life he set you apart to live, the life that is waiting for you to show up. He has already gone before you and prepared your way. He has removed every stumbling block. He has made every crooked place straight, according to his word."  What are you waiting for?
Chronicles 1:5 , Isaiah 45:2
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WHAT NOW DREAM TIMEdreamstime_xxl_554192

This is where, through our humanity, we connect to one another, miraculously our divisive propensities take a back seat to our common experiences. How do we heal each other? How do we heal the Body of Christ"


EMPATHY 01-11-2021
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"The seduction perpetrated against the Body of Christ has been thorough and effective. Millions are on one side and millions more on the other side. We cannot seem to find any middle ground. What now? "


You Are The BODY of CHRIST
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Part 1
Wake Up Your Purpose #1 -March 1 2021
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Part 2
Wake Up Your Purpose #2 March 8 2021
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"The words "Wake-Up" helps to express the fact that your purpose is already within you. You are created with purpose.

Your Purpose is one of the most impactful and energizing principles you can discover about yourself. Your purpose is where the life you were born for lives, right there inside your God given purpose.  It's where the best of you thrives. It's where your genius is needed. It's where your authenticity and your offering to those you are sent to serve, teach, inspire, love, heal, and connect with, is forever welcomed and supported."


Part 3
Wake Up Your Purpose
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Part 4
Wake Up Your Purpose
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